Nici passes the first hurdle …

… and is now ready to join castings in Paris for the upcoming Men’s Fashion Week. Soon he will be sent to other castings in Milan, New York and London hoping that he will get recognized in Paris. The success of a model depends not only on his/her charm and personality but also on hard work. If one thinks modeling is pure glamour, well it is not. Glamour comes only after one has shown the willingness to succeed. Nici has signed a contract with MQ Model Agency and will now be officially represented. He is from Munich, Germany, is 20 years old, has brown eyes and brown hair and he measures 1,89 tall. He studies mechanical engineering at the Technical University in Munich.IMG_9837IMG_0546IMG_0445 IMG_0248IMG_2271    

Merryquant will have its first office starting May 2014

and soon will be recognized as an international Model Agency.
Merryquant Model Agency

Merryquant Model Agency

The Tough Screening of invitations at Agnes B in Paris

Agnes B is one show I cannot manage to sneak into. So what do I do, I photograph the models who are having their short break outside the show. It is perhaps even more interesting because they are less pretentious, or so to speak, more natural. But who is Agnes B? She is a french designer whose career started back in the late 1960′s. To know more of her, check out this link: IMG_8772     IMG_8802 IMG_8796 IMG_8795 IMG_8785 IMG_8784 IMG_8783 IMG_8780 IMG_8776   And not to forget the bystanders, the invited and the uninvited, trying to pass through security. These are the shots I love taking! IMG_8807IMG_8832IMG_8855 IMG_8848 IMG_8821 IMG_8810 IMG_8808  

BE A MODEL, for those male aspirants out there…

IMG_5831   The Pre-Casting date in Munich, also scheduled as Studio Photo Shooting date, is on 05 April (exact time and address will be sent via email request: ).  

From boxing to fashion designing, Arashi Yanagawa is the designer of the brand John Lawrence Sullivan

I did not know anything about John Lawrence Sullivan, the brand, till I came to his show just to realize that not only the collection was shockingly impressive, the man who designs the clothes is none other than Arashi Yanagawa, an ex-professional boxer. From boxing to fashion designing and with that touch of superb elegance in his clothes, how did it happen? Shocking, isn’t it? I mean positively shocking, of course. I hope this won’t be the first and the last that I am going to see his future collection because his clothes are definitely those that I want to fill the gaps in my wardrobe. I SIMPLY LOVE THEM!  IMG_7409IMG_7434 IMG_7432 IMG_7430 IMG_7427 IMG_7425 IMG_7424 IMG_7420   To capture each look, visit:–john-lawrence-sullivan-mens-aw-14-mens-69175.html IMG_7418 IMG_7414 IMG_7413 IMG_7412 IMG_7410 IMG_7411 IMG_7407 IMG_7428   How the colours go well with the fabrics is incredibly perfect, and again and again, this is a collection that can flatter you from head to foot. IMG_7402 IMG_7403 IMG_7404 IMG_7405

Why I always like Tillmann Lauterbach collections like his AW14/15 in Paris PARIS – FashionTV checks out the Tillmann Lauterbach Fall/Winter 2014-15 show at Paris Men’s Fashion Week. Inspired by the Neo-Dada art movement, Tillmann Lauterbach sent down a sporty collection with bright orange accents. Shorts were layered over trousers and elongated shirts were paired with cropped jackets, creating a very visual and graphic collection.  IMG_8544IMG_8550 IMG_8554IMG_8561 IMG_8567 IMG_8572 IMG_8578 The first time I attended his show last year, I was impressed by the freshness of his designs. At least, we have here a collection not only that is elegant, it is also wearable. The mere fact that he is german and that I have been living in Munich, Germany since 1997, I can only praise him even more. The venue “Weber Métaux” on Rue du Turenne has always been a perfect spot for his shows because the natural lighting blends perfectly with the atmosphere. I wonder what the other photographers say about the venue but the results of my photos come out always perfect. IMG_8613 IMG_8620 IMG_8626 IMG_8633 IMG_8638IMG_8644 IMG_8649 IMG_8654 IMG_8662 IMG_8667IMG_8672 IMG_8678 IMG_8685 IMG_8689 IMG_8696

Boris Bidjan Saberi Men’s Collection AW14/15

Boris Bidjan Saberi tapped into active wear codes for his collection of urban looks with technical details, such as curved, contrasting seams on pants and reflective strips on a zip-up jacket. The cult German-born designer showed black leather basketball shorts with pleats and slits, and kitted out models with giant backpacks. By pairing them with raw-edged blanket shawls and black fedoras, he gave the outfits a dandified grace. IMG_8019 How did I discover this designer? Last year in September, I received an invitation from the PR Office upon my request to attend their show but it turned out it would only be streamed online and that there would be no runway show available in Paris. If am not mistaken, it was cancelled on the last minute. I did not know much about Borid Bidjan Saberi but I got acquainted with his fashion designs on the internet and with some of his clothes from a small shop in Munich called Pool on the Maximilian Strasse, I was struck by his avant-gardish style. From then on, I have become a fan of him. IMG_8021 IMG_8027 IMG_8030 IMG_8034 I am not in a position to write a review of his latest collection as I am not an expert on fashion (am only a photographer) but if you ask me my personal opinion about him, I would say his daring talent makes him stand out amongst his peers. IMG_8039IMG_8044 IMG_8051 IMG_8056 His clothes are daring, perfect to be worn in big cities like Paris or London or New York. IMG_8061 IMG_8069IMG_8075 IMG_8080 IMG_8087 IMG_8096 IMG_8102 IMG_8110IMG_8118 IMG_8126 I skipped Louis Vuitton Show so I could come to Boris Bidjan Saberi Fashion Show. It was worth it. IMG_8134 IMG_8143 IMG_8148 IMG_8155  

What it was to be squeezed to death, almost I mean, outside Vivienne Westwood’s Show…

When I arrived at 16’00 at Rue du Quatre Septembre (the show started at 16’30 on 28 Sept), I was overwhelmed by the commotion happening on the street. The impression I had: you could drop dead any second. This is typical of a Westwood Show as she knows how to create a hell of a show during the fashion week so you can expect the multitude of people (especially the teenies) that would come just to be near the entrance to witness the hustle and bustle. Believe me, I really was there and it was horrible. I was almost squeezed to death literally and pushed twiced by an idiotic photographer who I later warned that “damn one more time you push me again, I’d give you a knock on your head.” He took my warning seriously. I might be of small stature but boy I can knock anybody down, either he be a Goliath or a patrol police. IMG_5782IMG_5816IMG_5817 IMG_5779IMG_5755As a photographer, it is my job to take shots of the real show. If you know what I mean by real, I mean the street scene shots and this includes the streets where cars and motorcycles pass with such a high speed, you feel o-o-o-o-o this is like being in a highway. If not hit by a truck, at least by a semi-truck and that was how dangerous it was on Rue du Quatre Septembre that day. I expected there would be a street closure to give the gate crashers and curious bystanders enough space to congregate in front of Le Centorial.IMG_5888 IMG_5889 IMG_5854 IMG_5851 IMG_5813 IMG_5803 IMG_5802 And if if I may continue further, since you are all now reading my story,  I managed to sneak into the fashion show (I do not know how it happened) but since the chaos on the streets was a lot more exciting, I chose to go back outside even if there was no guarantee of surviving without bruises. Again it happened, almost squeezed to death the second time when all of a sudden a car stopped where Pamela Anderson was in just few meters away from me. The rush of the photographers to get a shot of the celebrity took me by surprise. O-h-h-n-o-o there she is coming out of the car. Everybody pushing everybody. Luckily those ferocious photographers were not clever enough to realize that the best way to avoid being trampled to death is to know how to avoid being trampled to death. I may not have a brilliant mind 24 hours a day, but on that moment my mind was alert. It was as easy as quick thinking, I went to a spot where no enemy was positioned (I mean no ferocious photographers at sight) and that was being at the front of the car. They all followed Pamela who went behind the car and  do you think that would be possible to have a clear shot of the celebrity if all were jamming on her? No. With my zoom lens, I made a nice shot of dear Pamela, and no way I will apologize to them. I will never forget this experience: there is no fashion event like Vivienne Westwood’s, always memorable, always great! IMG_5838IMG_5826 IMG_5825 IMG_5801 IMG_5795 IMG_5780 IMG_5785 IMG_5788

The battle of shades during the fashion week…Part 1

When we are not wearing shades, we do always think we won’t look as elegant as we want to be.  Well, that is right. There is something what sunglasses can do really which your other accessories like bags or earrings or rings or scarves cannot do, that is to make you look (more) seductive, (more) handsome or (more) beautiful. There is something in those shades that is magical. Maybe it is that mysterious look that adds to your sex appeal. In other words, they simply make you look hotter. IMG_5230-001IMG_5631 IMG_5624 IMG_5616 IMG_5427-001 IMG_5425-001 IMG_5360-001 IMG_5361-001 IMG_5379-001 IMG_5383-001 IMG_5389-001 IMG_5318-001 IMG_5291-001 IMG_5288-001 IMG_5283-001a IMG_5280-001 IMG_5244-001 IMG_5243-001 IMG_5227-001 IMG_5053-001 IMG_5039-001

Roland Mouret presents his SS14 collection at the Paris Fashion Week

Change was in the air at Roland Mouret. This season he presented a collection that was distinctly younger, brighter and sexier than any we’ve seen before. He was inspired by the ‘beautiful contradictions’ of the Palais Royale and the abstract, graphic qualities of artist Daniel Buren’s work. This was translated onto cropped, black and white striped tops showing plenty of midriff, colour block side panels on black pencil skirts, even the pointy monochrome shoes with graphic black ankle cuffs seemed inspired by Buren.Bright fuchsia, yellow and mint were striped against a monochrome, which marked an obvious departure from the more muted colour palette we’ve seem in Mouret’s previous collections. Silhouettes were mostly structured and tailored, but incorporated lighter mesh and lace fabrics which gave an airier, more feminine feel and allowed a little more room to breathe.Source: HungerTV IMG_5033 IMG_5032 IMG_5031IMG_5028 IMG_5022 IMG_5021 IMG_5019 IMG_5011 IMG_5004 IMG_5001 IMG_4993 IMG_4992 IMG_4988 IMG_4987 IMG_4986 IMG_4985 IMG_4984 IMG_4982 IMG_4977 IMG_4973 IMG_4975 IMG_4976 IMG_4972